Nov 062008
Idiot of the YEAR -- Sarah Palin

Some of you may be thinking this is harsh; that she “gave it a good shot”. Surely, to have a very important position like running an entire state, you must have some sense of how the world works, or knowledge of certain things like BASIC WORLD GEOGRAPHY. Surely the people of Alaska wouldn’t elect a […]

Oct 312008
Idiot of the day - 10/31/08

In Wales, some road workers needed to print a sign in both English and Welsh. Unfortunately the workers didn’t have access to a Welsh-speaking person on the job site. Instead, they emailed someone and asked for the translation. The person was out of the office, and their email client sent back an auto-reply. The very […]

Oct 242008

I read the news online a lot, and as you probably are aware, there are a lot of stupid people out there. This will be the first of what will likely be many posts in this segment I like to call, “Idiot of the Day”. LONDON (Reuters) – A naked man was arrested on suspicion […]