May 252010
Feeling Lost without Lost?

Last night marked the final episode of what I believe to be the most epic television series since Star Trek: Voyager; Lost. Hopes were high and nerves were frayed as the world tuned in to see what would become of the Oceanic survivors that we had all come to know and love, and I feel […]

Mar 052010
My Interview With Jeremy C. Shipp

Jeremy C. Shipp, is a Renaissance Man of sorts; dabbling in everything from books to film.In this interview, he and I will discuss all topics ranging from Smurfs to his newest novel, Cursed. Aron Deppert: The internets have told me you’ve been writing since the age of 13. Before that, can you remember what you […]

Dec 152009
Worst Road Trip Ever

Originally posted by me on Associated Content It was the Christmas of 2004 when my partner Joey’s parents gave us what we thought would be the ultimate gift: a family trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Even though the trip itself was wonderful, the travel there and back was a car ride wrought with […]

Jun 092009
So you want to be a hipster?

Here’s how in 8 easy steps. 1. Turn off all the lights, close your eyes, grab some scissors, and chop your hair up. The worse it looks the better. 2. For pants, you must only wear jeans that are tapered, too-tight, too-short, and tucked into the tops of your shoes. If they are tight enough […]

May 262009
Prop. 8: Thoughts From An Indifferent Homo

Today is the “Day of Decision”: California’s Supreme Court will decide if they want to uphold Proposition 8, or give homosexuals the right to marry (again). It is a day that has left me with some mixed emotions, which I will try to explain here. My partner Joey and I will celebrate our seventh anniversary […]

May 022009

After talking with Deborah I decided I should write a little info on my blog roll, and why these particular blogs made it into the oh-so coveted spot in my sidebar. Joey/Lissome Lore– This is my partner Joey’s blog. He writes a lot of verse, poetic or otherwise. He has a penchant for exploring dark […]

Apr 252009

Why hello there, avid reader of my blog. I’m so glad you stopped in. As you may have noticed, your favorite blog has been retitled to “Life, the Universe, and Everything”. There are a few reasons I have done this, but they should all be apparent because you are very smart and tend to smell […]