Aug 042009

Today I picked up a copy of “Born in 69”, the latest studio album from one of my all-time favorite DJ’s, Bob Sinclar.

Once the vocals on the second song kicked in, I had to take another look to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently gotten a Sean Paul remix CD. The first five tracks all feature a very heavy reggaeton feel that I am not used to hearing over the innovative house beats of Bob Sinclar. I was a little disappointed, and just plain didn’t like it. I had nearly given up on Born in 69 until the sixth track began, “Peace Song”.

Peace Song has the uplifting and positive vocals you’ve come to expect from Mr. Sinclar, coupled with a light but dancable beat that doesn’t hinder the progress of the track. An interesting cover of Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man” came next, and slowly my fears of this being a complete waste of an album began to subside. My trepidation was completely squelched when “The Way I Feel” came on, which is a morsel completely bursting with yummy house goodness.

The international sounds continue with the sitar-laden “We Are Everything”, and the snake charmer feel of “Belly Dancer”, both of which were more welcome additions than the previous 50% of this offering from Bob Sinclar. The album wraps up with “Looks Like Love”, which while good, was a bit short and seems to be begging for someone to do an extended mix of it.

Considering I didn’t like the first five out of twelve songs at all, I would say I wish I had listened to this before I bought it. That’s not to say it was a bad album at all, just…unexpected beginnings, with an amazing closing. It has definitely left me wondering what Bob Sinclar will be offering next.

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