Apr 282009

Last night I was at Walgreen’s and caught a strange sight out of the corner of my eye: someone had cleared room in the midst of the candy and gum on the impulse rack to place a row of surgical masks. Did it make me feel like the manager of the store was concerned for the health of the neighborhood? Nope. It made me feel like he was playing on the fears of the swine flu outbreak in order to make a few extra bucks.

There seems to be no end to the amount of crazed panic over this disease, despite the fact that regular ol’ people flu kills people every year. I also don’t understand why the media is forgetting to tell us that no swine flu deaths have happened in the United States. Say what you will about our health care system (and I have plenty to say about that), but we are better off than the countries reporting deaths.

It gets worse. A Twitter message I received yesterday said this person had found out their co-worker was just getting back from a vacation in Mexico, and he had discussed with his boss if they should let her come back or not until they’re sure she’s not sick. Really? We’re quarantining people now? That’s just senseless. This isn’t ebola, or the BLACK DEATH. It’s tough flu bug that most likely isn’t going to kill you, but will surely make you wish you were dead. So everyone just calm down, step outside, and take a breath of fresh air through your face mask. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

Image Credit: arinsattic.com

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