Apr 222009

It seems to me that these days, more and more people are looking for
part-time work these days. Either kids are trying to make some spending
money because they’re parents can’t afford to keep them entertained
anymore, or it’s older people trying to make ends meet. It’s always a
little surprising to me that most of these people don’t seem to have a
clue about how to land such a low-tier job, so I put together a few
steps that can be followed to increase your chances of landing that
dreamy minimum wage job in the mall.

Dress for success- No matter what your friends at school tell
you, showing up in flannel pajama pants covered in prints of Sponge
Bob’s face is a bad idea. Other bad ideas include: anything made
of nylon, mesh, or fleece. Also, try to avoid garments that reveal your
mid-drift or your butt crack. I’m not trying to say you should wear a
tuxedo or ball gown, but you should at least put on a pair of jeans and
try to dress how the employees in the business you’re applying to

Show interest without seeming desperate- Begging will get your
potential employer’s attention, that’s for sure, but there is definitely
a difference between positive and negative attention. Say things like,
“Thanks for your time, I am eager to hear back from you.” Avoid

Don’t apply on site, unless it’s offered- My absolute BIGGEST pet
peeve as an employer is when people take up my counter space to fill out
an application. Not only does it make you seem desperate (see above)
but it also impedes the flow of business. Ultimately, people in a store
are there to sell things, not look at the top your head as you slouch
over the counter.

Know something about the type of business you’re applying for-
You really haven’t made the right decision if you decide to apply for a
job in a hat store, and you’ve never purchased or worn a hat before.
Potential employers expect you to at least have a general working
knowledge of the product they sell or the services they offer. If
you’re unsure, do some research before you show up for the interview.
Employers really don’t like to feel like their time is being wasted.

Don’t chew gum, or be using your cell phone in any way- When most
people chew gum, they get this expression on their face that is kind of
distant and indifferent; kind of like a cow grazing in a field.
Anything interesting about your face or expressions will be lost to the
gum chewing. I feel like muting your cell phone before talking to
someone about a job would be common sense, but it’s not. Keep it quiet
and in your pocket at all times.

Don’t call to follow-up on your application, show up in person
Going back to the point of showing interest in the job you’re applying
for, nothing makes a better impression than actually showing up at
the establishment to follow-up on your application or interview
. Not
taking the initiative to appear personally makes you look like you lack
initiative and are lazy.

Don’t ask over the phone if a business is hiring- Again, laziness
comes into play here. Also, if a business doesn’t have any immediate
openings, they usually will keep your application on file for a certain
period of time. When they do have an opening, they will refer to this
file for qualified applicants.

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