Mar 172009

I’ll just get it right out there in the open; I am geezer as far as the internet is concerned. I have had an active internet connection in my home since roughly the age of 12 (if you don’t care to do the math, that’s about 15 years). This was back when AOL was considered a major ISP, and high end modems — I wouldn’t even be surprised if you don’t even know what that is — had their speed measured in kilobytes per second instead of the current standard of megabytes per second. Hell, in Asia the standard speeds are measured in gigabytes per second.

Back in those days, if you wanted to be respected in a chat room or message board, you needed a totally cool nickname. My first one was “Ar0Nr0X”. Lame. Needless to say, I had no ‘net cred’. After cycling through several virtual identities, I settled on my current one, disco sleeze, and have never been happier.

I am saddened by the lack of originality in today’s internet handles. I collect emails for work all day, and all I see all day are “” or “”. I understand the desire to have a generic email address with just your name (I have one myself), but I think today’s youth needs to take a serious look at the image they’re portraying on the internet, and maybe watch “Hackers” for a little lesson in (zero)cool.

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