Jan 132009

Day one of my weight loss scheme went pretty well until I got home. I didn’t get to try out my new pilates DVD because Joey wanted to watch the Golden Globe Awards.

Day 2 was better, though I did have a serious freak out attack at work and almost ate an entire bag of M&Ms. My stress from work has tripled lately (does anyone know how the global economic recession could be MY fault? My boss seems to know but he’s not tellin’) and food has always been my safety net in times of emotional stress. I did 30 minutes of exercise on Wii Fit when I got home and had a healthy dinner.

Today marks day 3, and even though I still have yet to shed an ounce, I’m feeling okay about this. I even managed to get up at 6:30 AM (still dark outside…YUCK) and do my workout. I’m hoping Dance Dance Revolution comes soon because I don’t feel like the cardio Wii Fit offers is going to be enough to achieve the results I’m after.

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  1. You’re really inspiring me! I feel like I want to get fit for a reason though. I wish I could afford belly dance classes or water ballet or stunt training! 🙂 I’m eating lots of salad, wheat wraps, eggs, and drinking a ton of water. It’s weird, b/c I indulge more, (2 margaritas this week! Some pasta, and I’m about to try some chocolate cake, ha!) but it seems to add up less b/c of what I am eating most of the time. Need to start pilates again…oh by the by, my little blurb in Feb. Geek monthly isn’t really very big. It’s more like worth a glance on a bookstore shelf instead of a buy, haha! But it’s SOOOOO cold!

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