Dec 192008

On December 18th, Majel Roddenberry died of lukemia. I can agree with my friend Audrey when she said it was like her aunt died. I realize a lot of people may not realize who Majel Roddenberry is: she has been involved in every Star Trek series, both live action and animated, since the series’s conception. She eventually married Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek’s creator, and when he died in 1991 she carried out his legacy.

Majel and Gene Roddenberry

Aside from her voice and character acting in the Star Trek franchises, Majel did production work as well. She also used unfinished material from Gene’s archives to spearhead production work on shows such as “Earth: Final Conflict” and “Andromeda”. What made the Roddenberrys’ work so important was the vision of the future it presented, and how it seemed so obtainable. In the Star Trek universe, Earth is a place of no more war or hunger. There is no more money because people simply work for the betterment of society and have all their needs met in return. Men and women of all races and creeds and planets live on Earth working together to create a center of peace for the galaxy (though sometimes maintaining this peace comes at the cost of interplanetary war).

Star Trek gave young people like me something to look forward to; if not for our own lives, then the lives of our children or grandchildren. It made me feel that even though the world was pretty crummy now, there is at least the possibility humanity will get it’s act together and make a difference not only on Earth, but in the galaxy. I am forever grateful to Gene for creating this vision for us, and to Majel for making sure it carried on in his stead. Majel, you will be missed by so many.

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  1. Excellent thoughts on Majel. Such a part of our childhoods. 🙁 I have been too sad to even write about it yet.

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