Nov 222008

On Wednesday, Joey and I were scheduled to meet with a leasing agent to start looking at some apartments. When we got down to the bus stop, I realized I didn’t grab my transit card from the counter. Whoops. When we were walking back to the apartment, I called to cancel our appointment. Even if they would’ve rescheduled, at that point I wasn’t in the mood anymore.Joey and I talked as we made our way home, and we came to the decision not to rush and try to move in January. The latest plunge in retail sales has hurt a lot of people — myself included, and we have had to dip into our moving fund quite a bit. We are hoping that renewing our lease until May will give us some time to bounce back, and save some money up. I am a little disappointed, but not by much. I don’t like our neighborhood, but it could be a lot worse (*coughUPTOWNcough*). Also, this means we won’t be trying to move in the dead of winter, which neither of us was looking forward to. In the long run, I think both of us will be better off for this four month setback.

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  1. Good plan. Very sensible. Last December, Jake and I decided we were going to leave last May. We’re still in Muncie, so…totally sympathize. Moving is hard.

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