Oct 042008

Well horray. Freaking horray. I have gained two phantom pounds. I say phantom pounds, because I think if my workout for day 6 hadn’t been 13 hours later than day 5 it might have been different.

My Wii Fit age is now 25. I guess for a tubby asthmatic I must be in OK shape, since I’m 27. Also I unlocked a new balance game that seemed like it would be very easy, but it ended up not being easy at all. You are supposed to sit cross-legged (I used to say “Indian-style” but I was recently told that isn’t very politically correct) on the balance board. Then there is a candle on the screen and the flame flickers based on your movement. I know what you’re thinking: “Sitting cross-legged you shouldn’t move at all!”. You’re right about that, but I was only able to last 29 seconds before I allowed the candle to flicker too much.

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