Oct 022008

I didn’t write anything about day 4 because it was just like all the others, except I had lost 5 pounds! Whoa!

Today after my test I was pleased to see I had kept the same weight. And my Wii Fit age was only 28! Seems like I’m making some improvements.

Today I skipped strength training so I could do more aerobics. I think this worked out well, since usually my muscles are too tired to get anything done on aerobics and balance training. I think I will begin alternating strength training.

How I Feel: Physically I don’t notice much difference. Today I am not as sore but probably because I skipped my strength training. I am pleased to have kept the same weight for two days in a row, and that my Wii Fit age hasn’t been over 30 in a couple days.

Emotionally I am simply thrilled that I have exercised every day for 5 days..that is unheard of for me. I am, however, getting very sick of the yoga instructor’s one-liner’s. She only has like 5 lines while workouts are taking place and they are beginning to grate on my nerves!

  3 Responses to “Me + Wii Fit, Day 5”

  1. Eating like a pig: Day Five. Today I had two bags of buttered popcorn, one Dove chocolate bar, and half a thingie of mac and cheese…must let self be inspired by Aron…must stop eating b/c weather is getting colder and remember to eat to sustain life and health.

  2. P.S. Yes, you SHOULD write that article!

  3. Shhh…don’t say things like “Dove chocolate” or “buttered popcorn” to me right now. I’m so hungry, and those things are two of my MANY vices.

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