Jul 192006

Well, the time has come for Joey and I to seriously start making our plans to move. Unfortunately, that involves a lot of stress. My mom wants us all to be roommates: since my brother’s death she and I have been very close, and I know she is very lonely. Joey wants to live on Times Square and be on Broadway for the rest of his life. I just want to be somewhere with them both, and have everyone be happy.

My mother is very climatized. She hates winter, snow, and cold. So this makes options for her living arangements very limited. I’ve just spent two hours searching for cities that would be NEAR where Joey wants to live, and still be mostly warm. I just know she’s going to be so upset.

My best hope is that she will decide living near me is more important than having a snow-free life, and just move to wherever we’re going.

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