Oct 062011
Orcs Must Die | Review (XBLA)

These days, the phrase “tower defense” doesn’t necessarily mean the game involves even a single tower. This is a fact that the Robot Entertainment’s recent release, Orcs Must Die!, drives home with great ease. This unique game puts you in the strappy gladiator sandals of a cocky War Mage who has more cheesy one-liners than […]

Sep 182011
Bloodrayne: Betrayal | Review (XBLA)

If you automatically hear the word “Bloodrayne” and tune out whatever it is you’re listening to, don’t worry — you’re not alone. The Bloodrayne series, starring Rayne the human/vampire hybrid, has thus far produced two games that were received as mediocre at best, and some of the worst game-to-film adaptations ever seen. However, with a […]