Sep 172012
Skyrim: Hearthfire | Review (XBox 360)

Initially, life as the only dovakin is fun and filled with adventure, but sadly there is a point where it plateaus. After you’ve vanquished Alduin, crushed the Stormcloak rebellion, ascended to the helm of the College of Winterhold, the Thieves Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood there is really little else to do. Unfortunately, you can’t […]

Jun 072011
E3 2011 Day 0 | Tweecap

We didn’t have anyone in the convention center yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t there in spirit. OUR COLLECTIVE REACHES FAR.  Here’s a recap of yesterday’s E3 tweets on @robo_awesome: If the rumors are true we’ll be learning about Halo 4 today… stay tuned! #E3 #Halo 4 Cliffy B. talking about Gears of War 3 #e3 […]