Jul 142013
New Super Luigi U | Review (WiiU)

sibling rivalry – n. the competition that exists between brothers or sisters, but especially brothers; often characterized by jealousy over each others’ mustaches, physical prowess and the ability to woo princesses Sometimes it can be tough to have a brother. If you are half of a pair of brothers, you are probably constantly being compared […]

Oct 122012
Retro Pocket | Review (DSiWware/eShop)

It is entirely likely that if today’s average gamer is asked what the best Game and Watch game was, they will stare at you with glazed over eyes as they try to figure out if “Game and Watch” is the name of the new Skrillex album, or if you’ve just completely lost your mind. However, […]

Mar 282012
The Last Story | Review (Wii)

At least from the beginning, you’ll probably feel like you’ve heard this story before. A ragtag group of young adults has joined together as a group of mercenaries, fighting for fame and fortune around their homeland. Very quickly, their goals change as their world is plunged into the depths of a brutal war with an […]

Mar 112012
The Last Story | First Impressions (Wii)

Any gamer with a Twitter account can probably tell you about Operation Rainfall, and the three large scaled RPGs for the Wii that were slated to be released worldwide… …except for in North America. In a blazing streak of Internet activism, Operation Rainfall was formed in an effort to convince Nintendo to localize these games […]

Feb 202012
Rhythm Heaven Fever | Review (Wii)

  Picture it: you’ve just had a long, hard day at the office. Your boss, who is normally pretty mean to you, went above and beyond the call of asshattery made you clean his personal bathroom. Your hard drive crashed, your secretary quit (and took her tight white sweater with her), and you got a […]

Dec 172011
Fortune Street | Review (Wii)

Welcome to Fortune Street, the only place where buying and selling stocks, and investing in businesses for profit doesn’t make you part of the “1%”. You can forget about your fancy suit, shiny Italian loafers, and expensive leather briefcase, because this isn’t an actual street, but rather a board game for Wii that tasks players […]

Dec 112011
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword | Review (Wii)

The Legend of Zelda series is one of the few constants gaming geeks of just about any age have in common. Even me, at my incredibly young and virile age of 30, have played nearly every game in the Zelda series, except for the unspeakable ones. From the very moment I guided Link to the […]