Oct 122012
Retro Pocket | Review (DSiWware/eShop)

It is entirely likely that if today’s average gamer is asked what the best Game and Watch game was, they will stare at you with glazed over eyes as they try to figure out if “Game and Watch” is the name of the new Skrillex album, or if you’ve just completely lost your mind. However, […]

Mar 032012
Zuma's Revenge | Review (DS)

If you can’t stop yourself from giggling like a school boy when you hear the phrase Zuma’s Revenge because you’re thinking of someone with the Hershey squirts, don’t worry because you’re not alone. It is likely your mind is reeling at the gross-out factor a title like this could have, however, this action puzzler from […]

Feb 182011
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective | Review (DS)

You may be thinking the same thing I did when I heard the title Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective: “Oh cool, a game about a dead detective turned ectoplasmic prostitute”. Alas, such is not he case. Instead, the game you will find waiting for you when you boot up your DS is a interactive mystery where […]

Jan 292011
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded | Review (DS)

As of now, it is next to impossible to talk to a Kingdom Hearts fan about the series without them grabbing you by the shoulders and screaming, “WHY ISN’T KINGDOM HEARTS 3 OUT YET?!” Well, that is one question you and your rabid fanatical friends may never get answered. To hold off the imminent riot […]

Dec 162010
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn | Review (DS)

The Golden Sun games for GameBoy Advance were, in 2001 and 2003, two of the most beloved handheld RPGs of their time. Not only did they receive vast amounts of critical acclaim, but the titles collectively enjoyed high sales of almost 1.8 million copies worldwide. The buzz over the announcement of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn […]

Dec 112010
NanoByte: Sonic Colors | Review (DS)

It’s been over a decade since Sega enthusiasts have enjoyed a “real” Sonic game. There have been plenty of games with Sonic in them: Sonic has done everything from getting sucked into a magical storybook about the Arabian Nights to turning into a werehedgehog. Sonic has even competed in the Olympics with his nemesis, Mario. […]

Apr 212010
A Look at Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver's Pokéwalker

As part of Nintendo and Game Freak’s continuing joint effort to ingrain their “gotta catch ’em all” mentality into the minds of todays young (and not-so-young), the recent remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver included a nifty doodad known as the Pokéwalker. This tiny device’s sole purpose in life it to make sure you never, […]

Apr 022010
Nintendo's Rapid-Fire Approach To Change

For some, change is good, but for Nintendo, change is a way of life. While some companies work with the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” model, Nintendo constantly reinvents itself to stay ahead of the game. 2004 was the big year of change for the the gaming industry. Everyone was abuzz over news about a new handheld system from Nintendo. No one was quite sure how this proposed “Dual Screen” system could deliver more bang for the buck than the GameBoy Advance systems, but they waited anxiously. In November of the same year, the world received its answer by way of the Nintendo DS.