Aug 132011
Nintendo: Learning From Past Mistakes

Right around E3 of 2010 Nintendo wowed the world with talk of a handheld, 3D capable gaming system that wouldn’t require the use of a cumbersome ocular aid. From that point in time, crazy rumors and speculation such as “ZOMFG IT’LL BE LIKE HOLOGRAMS RIGHT?!” littered just about every social media feed and forum that […]

Jun 182011
Happy 10th Anniversary Game Boy Advance | A Look at 10 of the System's Best Games

June 11th marked the ten-year anniversary of Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance handheld console. Almost a thousand games were released during it’s life-span, but this is an attempt to bring you the details on ten of my personal favorites, in no particular order — except for Pokémon being number one! Pokémon Emerald When I started writing […]

Apr 162010
Mario: A Fun Guy's Affinity For Fungi

It goes without saying that Mario has been around the block a few times more than the average platformer protagonist. One thing has held true throughout the many excursions into the worlds of Super Mario Bros. lore: it often takes more than some well-placed jumps to rescue the princess in one piece. Luckily, the brothers […]