Oct 132011
Kirby Mass Attack | Review (DS)

TEN-HUT! Tell me what’s pink, squishy, often makes squeaky sounds, and is bound to make you smile? No…we’re not talking about THAT. Now drop and give me 50 and stop being a pervert. What we’re talking about is one of Nintendo’s most understated franchises — KIRBY! Kirby has experienced a lot of adversity in his […]

Jun 182011
Happy 10th Anniversary Game Boy Advance | A Look at 10 of the System's Best Games

June 11th marked the ten-year anniversary of Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance handheld console. Almost a thousand games were released during it’s life-span, but this is an attempt to bring you the details on ten of my personal favorites, in no particular order — except for Pokémon being number one! Pokémon Emerald When I started writing […]

Nov 212010
Kirby's Epic Yarn | Review (Wii)

When Nintendo unveiled Kirby’s Epic Yarn at E3 this year, there were several cases of Cuteness Overload reported at hospitals nationwide. Symptoms ranged from enormous, glazed over eyes, to people trying to knit a model of Patch World only to inadvertently impale themselves on their knitting needles. Now, several months later, everyone has received treatments […]