Mar 282012
The Last Story | Review (Wii)

At least from the beginning, you’ll probably feel like you’ve heard this story before. A ragtag group of young adults has joined together as a group of mercenaries, fighting for fame and fortune around their homeland. Very quickly, their goals change as their world is plunged into the depths of a brutal war with an […]

Mar 112012
The Last Story | First Impressions (Wii)

Any gamer with a Twitter account can probably tell you about Operation Rainfall, and the three large scaled RPGs for the Wii that were slated to be released worldwide… …except for in North America. In a blazing streak of Internet activism, Operation Rainfall was formed in an effort to convince Nintendo to localize these games […]

Sep 092011
Xenoblade Chronicles | Review (Wii)

Just when gamers start crying that the JRPG genre is dead, Nintendo pulls a doozie like Xenoblade Chronicles out of their bag of many tricks. This game promised to be the complex, sprawling RPG that Wii owners had been begging for. Unfortunately, everyone got it except North Americans, much to the chagrin of those behind […]

Aug 262011
Xenoblade Chronicles | First Impressions (Wii)

For a few months, rabid Nintendo owners across the globe were petitioning the publisher to release a series of “hardcore” RPGs in the United States. Xenoblade Chronicles was one of the central titles in this effort known as “Operation Rainfall”, but it failed to influence Nintendo’s decision to exclude North America from this game’s release. […]

Oct 192010
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light | Review (DS)

It’s hard to imagine how a video game franchise with roots digging twenty three years deep into the soil of video game history can still put out a decent game. Games bearing the phrase “Final Fantasy” have been both fantastic and failures, to the point where any gamer worth their salt will approach them with […]

Jul 152010
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies | Review (DS)

There is a strong chance that any gamer who has played an RPG has played, or at least heard of, Dragon Quest — especially in Japan. The series is likely one of the most canonical JRPGs in the industry;and with longevity spanning nearly fifteen years, only Final Fantasy is more successful. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels […]