Jan 012011
The Ackbar Awards: Aron's Favorite Games of 2010

With year-end game lists pouring out from every media outlet imaginable, I thought I’d throw my two cents out there. Listed here are the games I have personally played that really stand out to me when I evaluate the year in games. You will notice two things: one is that this list is heavily weighted […]

Oct 192010
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light | Review (DS)

It’s hard to imagine how a video game franchise with roots digging twenty three years deep into the soil of video game history can still put out a decent game. Games bearing the phrase “Final Fantasy” have been both fantastic and failures, to the point where any gamer worth their salt will approach them with […]

Oct 112010
First Impressions | Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light (DS)

Last week, Square Enix released yet another Final Fantasy game, this one being an exclusive for the Nintendo DS. Before you start groaning and punching yourself in the neck, you should know that Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light could easily drop the part of its title before the colon and stand on its […]