Sep 222011
Star Fox 64 3D | Review (3DS)

When one thinks about anthropomorphic foxes, wolves, and bears, Star Fox 64 3D is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Rather, if you’re anything like me, what you think of is a dimly lit convention center with lots of creepy people walking around in furry animal suits that have mysterious crusty spots […]

Aug 132011
Nintendo: Learning From Past Mistakes

Right around E3 of 2010 Nintendo wowed the world with talk of a handheld, 3D capable gaming system that wouldn’t require the use of a cumbersome ocular aid. From that point in time, crazy rumors and speculation such as “ZOMFG IT’LL BE LIKE HOLOGRAMS RIGHT?!” littered just about every social media feed and forum that […]

Apr 022010
Nintendo's Rapid-Fire Approach To Change

For some, change is good, but for Nintendo, change is a way of life. While some companies work with the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” model, Nintendo constantly reinvents itself to stay ahead of the game. 2004 was the big year of change for the the gaming industry. Everyone was abuzz over news about a new handheld system from Nintendo. No one was quite sure how this proposed “Dual Screen” system could deliver more bang for the buck than the GameBoy Advance systems, but they waited anxiously. In November of the same year, the world received its answer by way of the Nintendo DS.