Apr 152009

Write a Link PostThere are a lot of methods to this assignment, and I chose to expand on another idea written about by another blogger. I will be looking into thoughts and ideas presented in Cory Doctrow’s “Why I Copyfight” who blogs on craphound.com The entire premise of this article is that the internet, by […]

Apr 142009

Read articles from pro bloggers about blogging cool blog stuff Day 6 in the Building a Better Blog challenge was to read articles from professional bloggers and hopefully apply them to your own blog. There were 27 articles in all, and they seemed to be geared at entrepreneurial than mine. Here are highlights from the […]

Apr 092009

Recently on Twitter, I have been in contact with @lilnerdette who is a fresh face on the ever-growing blogging scene. She is participating in the 31 days to Building a Better Blog challenge at problogger.net. I’m starting a bit late, so I hope to get caught up to the current challenge of the day by […]