May 152009

Starting on Sunday, I will be on vacation and moving until Memorial Day. While I will still have some internet access via my Sidekick, we’re not sure when internet will be on at the new apartment. If our hopes of “borrowing” a neighbor’s wifi signal don’t pan out it may be a while before we […]

Apr 252009

Why hello there, avid reader of my blog. I’m so glad you stopped in. As you may have noticed, your favorite blog has been retitled to “Life, the Universe, and Everything”. There are a few reasons I have done this, but they should all be apparent because you are very smart and tend to smell […]

Nov 202008

I figured out a way to get my tumblog to work. Same URL ( By using a service called “Pikchur” I am able to submit pictures to my tumblog, flickr, and Facebook SIMULTANEOUSLY! Woo! I have archived my twitters and links posted since the tumblog was launch.Enjoy.

Nov 182008

I am going to create an additional tumblr blog to aggregate all my other webness. I’ll post a link as soon as it’s up.EDIT: is live. Unfortunately, the import option only imports entries from the moment you add the RSS feed. I’ll slowly but surely be adding some stuff manually.

Nov 122008

Fixed up some more tags, and deleted the link to the crummy Tumblr archive. I instead, have created an “archive cloud” that can be found at the bottom of the sidebar.I am planning a new banner at the moment. Check back soon.

Oct 212008

I have decided to make the move to tumblr. It is just a better option for me right now: it’s lower maintenance, I only need to work with HTML for design (so long PHP!) and I can manage the whole thing from my Sidekick with ease. I have moved feeds to Feedburner so nothing will […]