Mar 172010
Prince of Persia, the Sand-Free Edition

>by Aron Deppert Prince of Persia was originally released in 1989 for the Apple II, and then ported to most consoles and PCs in 1992. Its creator, Jordan Mechner, set a standard in video games of fluidly moving characters, even on low-powered systems like the NES. I should have known this game would be hard […]

Dec 032009
Clear Your Sinuses, It's Time For Boogerman

>by Aron Deppert “Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure” sounds too good to be a true game title, doesn’t it? Well, guess again because this isn’t a joke. Boogerman was a side-scrolling platformer released originally on NES, then later on Genesis (the later version is by far superior), and just recently the Genesis version was […]

Nov 032009
Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt!

>by Aron Deppert Imagine this: you are in control of an animal-human mutant creature, with the ability to jump really high and perform devastating spin jumps to decimate the robotic army that wants to take over the world. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Unfortunately, we’re not imagining the classic Sonic The Hedgehog. Instead we are imagining […]

Aug 222009
Yoshi's Cookie on NES -or-

>The Fat Ass Dinosaur That Snatched All My Cookiesby: Aron Deppert When I got my first Game Boy, it came with Tetris. I also bought two more games: Yoshi’s Cookie and Super Mario Land. Of the three games the one that brought me the most enjoyment, playtime, and FRUSTRATION was Yoshi’s cookie. Though Yoshi and […]

Mar 192009
Bible Buffet for NES - Surprisingly Bible-free

>by: Aron DeppertBible Buffet was released in 1993 by some publisher called “Wisdom Tree”, and wasn’t licensed by Nintendo (something you’d almost never see these days). The game played a lot like the red-headed stepchild of Bomberman and Mario Party.You start out by pressing A to spin the wheel, which determines how many spaces you […]