Aron Deppert

May 042014
Child of Light | Review (Wii U)

When I was a child, I believed in magic. There were dragons that lived in concealed caves beneath the tightly packed soil of my backyard, and an ancient crone enchantress that lived in the house across the street. She was a quiet, reclusive sort of witch and I felt it was my duty to keep […]

Mar 232014
VVVVVV | Review (3DS)

One thing I’ve never really been shy talking about is how old I am. Being 32 years young means I am older than the average gamer, but also too young to remember when home video game systems were really getting off their feet. The first console my family owned was a Nintendo Entertainment System, but […]

Mar 172014
Yoshi's New Island | Review (3DS)

The winter freeze is sticking around MUCH longer than we’d like it to. It is this time of year that I spend the most time thinking about a magical tropical getaway. Unfortunately, tropical islands are filled with terrible things: mosquitoes, smoke monsters, sea food and those itchy coconut bras that never seem to fit me […]

Jan 292014
Bravely Default | Review (3DS)

In an expansive temple, a young woman bows her head in prayer before an enormous hovering crystal, which appears to be the only source of light in the room. Within moments, an inky blackness wraps its misty tendrils around the crystal and stains it dark. It is in that same instant that a giant chasm […]

Nov 212013
Super Mario 3D World | Review (Wii U)

Picking out a new pet can be challenging, especially when it comes to KITTIES! They’re all so cute and fluffy and full of love and snuggles and glitter and rainbows. The biggest problem is picking one that is a good personality fit for your household and is aesthetically pleasing. Some people are better suited to […]