Apr 232013


It seems like only yesterday that an expertly scored video game trailer had the gaming community racked with anticipation over a game called Dead Island. The first-person, zombie themed RPG garnered a lot of mixed reviews, but overall it ended up being a game a lot of players came to greatly appreciate, mostly for its multiplayer co-op experience. When its publisher, Deep Silver, announced a sequel so soon after the first game’s release, a lot of people said it might be too soon for another entry in the franchise.

Truthfully, Deep Silver has tried to push their second Dead Island game, subtitled Riptide, as a spin-off rather than a sequel. This is a hard pill to swallow though when there is so much about Riptide that screams sequel. The entire cast of playable characters from the first game is available, along with some additions. Most of the core gameplay mechanics from Dead Island are present. Even the locale of Riptide is strikingly similar to its predecessor. That’s not to say any of these things are a bad thing, it was just a little distracting to go into this game expecting something completely different and then get treated to a revised version of the original.

So far the best feature about Riptide is you don’t have to start over from scratch while building up your dream zombie killer. When you first select your character, you are given the option of a few pre-selected skill builds or you may fully customize the character to your liking. This is great for People who aren’t making their first trip to Dead Island, but it could be a little off-putting for first time players. Especially considering the fact that the enemies start out leveled up as well, so some rather advanced combat techniques will need to be implemented right out of the gate.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play enough of the game for a proper review at this point due to some unforeseeable circumstances, but I definitely plan on spending a lot more time with Riptide in the coming days. If you have any questions about the game or ideas of something I should address in the review, feel free to tweet me.

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