Mar 072013

You may have already heard of the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which combines the classic Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice with elements of modern zombie fiction. You should have heard of it, because you’re being a good reader and also listening to our podcast!

Anyway, since Audrey and I mentioned that I have had monster mashup novels on the brain, so I decided to hash out five ideas and try to get it out of my system!

frankensteinMary Shelly’s Wuthering Heights
When protagonist Catherine Earnshaw meets a mysterious doctor visiting the Yorkshire moor, they quickly fall in love. Once married, they discover they cannot have children naturally, but her husband offers a dark solution.

Little Succubi
Four succubus sisters living in 1800’s Massachusetts learn about life, love, and how to discreetly obtain the sexual energy that sustains them.

War and Peace and Sea Monsters
This epic novel details the changes that affected the Russian aristocracy as the French invaded their shores using an army of deadly, eye laser toting sea monsters.

To Kill a Giant Mutated Mockingbird
Just after the Great Depression draws to a close, Scout and her brother Jem move to a town in Alabama. The town seems peaceful at first, but they soon are plagued by the literally ear piercing cries of a giant mutated mockingbird.


Wise Blood of Dracula
Recently discharged from military service in World War II, Hazel Motes returns to his home in Tennessee to find his entire family has been turned into vampires. He must now depart on a quest to find the creature responsible for this, before their transformation is permanent.

I’ll hone my fiction writing skills to a fine enough point where I can feasibly bring these ideas into reality. Until then, we will just have to use our imaginations to see a gigantic mockingbird tormenting Southerners as it imitates other birds quite loudly. OH THE TERROR!!!

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