Apr 302011

The development team at inXile, makers of The Bard’s Tale, has teamed up with publisher Bethesda Softworks to produce Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. This game promises to seamlessly blend the action/adventure, dungeon crawler, and shooter genres into one violent and dark fantasy game. Players will control one of two protagonists in the game; a bloodthirsty elven archer E’lara or the cautious warrior Caddoc. These two will be joining forces in a co-op questing experience that can be enjoyed with an A.I. partner, a real-life friend, or someone via Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.


Hunted: The Demon's Forge boasts some slick graphics.

Working against this pair will be Seraphine, who was once an adventurer but is now under the influence of the Demon Forge’s ancient and powerful evil. She appears as a spirit guide that lures Caddoc and E’lara into a dark and twisted adventure with promises of great wealth and power. You may be asking yourself, “How is inXile going to set this game apart from the rest of the awesomeness in Bethesda Softworks’s published library?”. I’ll tell you how —  Seraphine is voiced by none other than LUCY LAWLESS.

The seductress Seraphine

That’s right, my beloved Lucy Lawless who portrayed the titular heroine in Xena: Warrior Princess gets to lend her voice to the villainous seductress Seraphine. When I first heard about Hunted: The Demon’s Forge I was intrigued, but when I learned Ms. Lawless would be involved I was sold! Recently as I was reading about this game, I was thinking to myself, “Sugar Dumplin’…” (That’s my nickname for myself during inner dialogue) “Sugar Dumplin’, game developers have really dropped the ball by not putting Ms. Lawless in more games.” While it is a sad and unfortunate fact that Lucy Lawless can’t be in EVERY game, I’ve compiled this short list of games that would either have benefited from her vocal styling, or could have replaced a character with the Warrior Princess herself.

1. Xena: Warrior Princess of Persia
Xena is strong, nimble, and agile, so getting around the jungle gym that is ancient Persia would be no problem. Also, if the Sands of Time ran out of her dagger, Xena would do what the good prince often couldn’t – just kick the holy bejeebus out of the bad guys. Who needs to reverse the flow of time when you can just fling a chakram at a wall and watch it bounce around, decapitating scores of foes?

2. The Legend of Warrior Princess Zelda Series
Let’s face it, Princess Zelda is kind of a pushover. She has been kicked around by the oppressive, magic wielding warlord Gannon for a couple decades now. Who better to give Zelda an infusion of kick-assness than Lucy Lawless? Her history of being a princess that deals with the oppressive, magic wielding war god Aries puts her in the perfect position to lend her voice, fists, kicks, flips, and whips to Zelda. Her inherent feminist attitude would mean Zelda could finally kick Link’s androgynous, caftan-wearing butt to the curb.

One Xena game that probably shouldn't have been made.


3. Lucy Wright: Ace Attorney
I can see it now:
*jab poke jab* “I’ve just cut off the blood flow to your brain. You have ten seconds to tell the judge the truth or you’ll die!”

4. Xena’s Karaoke Revolution
It is a little known fact that Lucy Lawless is an accomplished singer. She had quite a few opportunities to feature this talent on Xena: Warrior Princess. If this dream game were to become a reality, players could warble along with Xena’s famous funeral lament! They did so many musical styles in the series there could be a very diverse song pack, and a large cast of supporting characters to help build a strong multiplayer mode.

Maybe Hunted: The Demon’s Forge will be a huge hit in Argentina?!


5. Cooking Mama: Ancient Greek Edition
Life on the road is hard, and Xena is no stranger to fending for herself when it comes to vittles. After a handful of titles with Cooking Mama’s Asian delicacies, why not mix it up a little and put Xena in the kitchen? This would open up the door for a wealth of new recipes such as:
Savory Minotaur Muffins!
Cyclops Surprise!
Spicy Gorgon With Gorgonzola!
Harpie Marinara!
7 Layers of Tartarus Dip!

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge looks to be an awesome co-op gaming experience that could quite possibly revive the ailing dungeon crawler genre. Not only does it have a neat new focus on co-op multiplayer, but it has WORLD RENOWNED TALENT LUCY LAWLESS voicing the villain! What other games do you thunk could benefit from her unique talents? Let us know about them in the comment section below!

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