Apr 252011

I’m entering my 5th month of dieting. It’s been a challenge, but I’m to a point now where I don’t miss junk food as much. Joey and I had a couple slip-ups, but we punshed ourselves for them with some very long walks and lighter calorie loads the next couple days after our “splurge days”.

We had two such days last week, so I didn’t weigh myself. With Easter looming on the horizion I planned on weighing myself Easter morning before stuffing loads of chocolate down my face. I was pleasently surprised to learn I had lost 7.7 poinds in just 15 days! It’s good to know I can treat myself every now and my waist line won’t suffer too much.

Currently I am less than a pound away from getting under 300 pounds, which would be the first time I’ve been there in about eight or nine years. That would put my total weight lost at arond 40 – 50 pounds since January. It’s hard to be specific because I didn’t have a scale that would register anything over 330. I definitely have a long way to go, maybe a year or two until I reach a “healthy” weight. At least now I know I can do it without suffering too much!

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