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Krookodile — The Intimidation Pokémon, or as I like to call it “the Pokémon who wears its sunglasses at night”. It’s hard to look at Krookodile and not compare it to Tyranitar, and sadly Krookodile will always fall a little short of its Generation II cousin. It has lower base stats in almost every area and less types it resists. Nonetheless, Krookodile would be a viable addition to most teams with it’s excellent 117 base attack and decent base speed of 92.

Set type: Revenge Killer
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Ability: Moxie
Item held: Choice Scarf

-Stones Edge

Moxie really gives Krookodile the chance to be come a sweeper with this set. One KO will boost its attack one stage and give it the extra umph it needs to tear through most, if not all of, an unprepared team. Outrage could also be replaced with Pursuit if you’re so inclined, giving you a nice hit on Pokémon too scared of Krookodile to stay and fight, but I personally have an issue with two attack moves of the same type one Pokémon.

Set type: Sweeper
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Attack, 100 Speed, 156 HP
Ability: Intimidate
Item held: Leftovers

-Bulk Up/Hone Claws
-Stones Edge/Taunt

On this set, Intimidate is preferred over Moxie because it makes Krookodile’s switch in much easier. The EV spread will give it just the right amount of HP it needs to take a hit or two while switching in and setting up, and enough speed to outrun just about anything that isn’t holding a Choice Scarf. I would chose Bulk Up over Hone Claws because Bulk Up helps shore up Krookodile’s mediocre defense. Granted, the accuracy boost from Hone Claws would be nice alongside Stones Edge, but with 80% accuracy that boost is hardly needed. Taunt is given as an option for you to block set-up of entry hazards.

Countering Krookodile isn’t too challenging if you can outrun it and have a super effective move. Krookodile has five weaknesses, and no moves that are effective against those types of Pokémon. Sure, you could put Fire Fang or Thunder Fang on Krookodile, but they’re pretty useless moves unless they are joined with a STAB and super effectiveness.

Bearing this in mind, it is important to consider Krookodile’s team mates. Water and fighting types will probably be the two most common counters for Krookodile, so you will want to bring along something with strong electric, grass, flying, or psychic moves. As long as its fast enough, Krookodile can manage ice and bug types itself with Stones Edge — so if you put Taunt on the sweeper set you’re probably in for some trouble from those types. Zapdos would be an ideal teammate, as would Ferrothorn or Breloom.

Do you love Krookodile, or hate it? What are some strategies you use with or against it? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

Krookodile's normal and shiny sprites

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