Mar 032011

Well, despite my best efforts to blog about my weight loss attempt, I clearly have fallen a little behind. Between work and the stuff I do for RoboAwesome, it’s easy to forget about my personal slice of the internet.

Losing weight this year got off to a rocky start. I was too heavy for my scale or WiiFit. I stuck with the diet plan though, despite the fact I was immensly depressed over the fact that I had gained so much weight. Nonethless I stuck with it and climbed on that damned balance board once a week to see if I had made any progress. Surprise, surprise, three weeks ago (which was about 7 or 8 weeks into my health shape-up plan), I actually registered on WiiFit. I weighed in at about 322, which put me 8 pounds under the Wii’s capacity.

Since then I have lost an additional 7 pounds, averaging about 3 pounds a week. It’s slow progress, but if I kept it up I could lose about 150 pounds in a year. That’s certainly not a number to shake a stick at! Being able to actually track my progress has renewed my diligence, just like I knew it would. I am finding myself actually looking forward to the approaching warmer weather when Joey and I will resume our nightly walks. I also can’t wait until next week’s trip is behind me and I can have a somewhat normal work schedule, which should permit me time to do a little exercise on the balance board.

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