Feb 232011

Mario has had quite an illustrious career. Aside from his prowess as a Goomba stomper extrordinaire, he has been a doctor, a cookie factory operator, a racer, and yes — despite his stalky build, even an athlete. Already versed in the ways of tennis, golf, soccer, and a myriad of Olympic games, Mario has added some new sports games to his repertoire in the newly released Mario Sports Mix for Wii. This game, developed by SquareEnix, brings you madcap athletic action with a familiar Mario twist.

As of the time of writing this, I have only personally experienced the dodge ball and hockey games in Mario Sports Mix. Both of these games involve the mechanic of picking up a power-up and either throwing it directly onto the field to foil your opponents’ game, or attaching it to your ball/puck in order to create a special effect or give it some more power. Anyone who has played a Mario Kart game will know what each power-up does as soon as they see it. Playing these games offline was okay – the dodge ball AI and hockey AI seemed to have vastly different skill levels however. Where this game’s real appeal will lie is in the online multiplayer. You have the ability to play against a registered friend, or a random player. Since the game has been out for a while in Japan, you are bound to find someone who will give you a run for your money!

Mario Sports Mix may not be the most exciting game on the market right now, but it definitely has a lot of potential, especially considering the added bonus of online multiplayer. So far, offline mode seems great with a friend but don’t expect too much of a challenge against the computer. Zany, Mario-ified sports action has already proven itself to be a worthy addition to any game library, but how will this title as a whole measure up? Stay tuned for a full review of Mario Sports Mix later this week, and feel free to post your input in the comment section below!

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