Jan 142011

Today marks the 11th day of eating right. It doesn’t really seem to be as monumental of a challenge as it has been in the past, and I really can’t put my finger on the reason why. I am older and more mature, and perhaps just a little more serious this time around. I still have enormous cravings at times, but I seem to be better equipped to deny them than I ever have before.

I see members of my family that have weight related health problems, and I can’t help but think, “I don’t want to end up like that”. I’m 29 and I’d like to think I still have plenty of time to get my act together, but I know that’s not necessarily the case. Being 100+ pounds overweight means I am essentially a time bomb, and could pop at any moment.

We’re going on vacation next week, and I know some cheating will be done. We are going to get as much exercise as possible and get back on the straight and narrow the instant we are back on the road home. I just hope we don’t do too much damage in those five days…

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