Jan 102011

It’s hard to describe the joy that games produced by the fine folks at Gaijin Games have brought into my life. They had me in the clutches from the time I was about one minute into BIT.TRIP BEAT. The cool beats joined forces beautifully with the bright retro-inspired graphics to create a gaming experience I am likely to remember for the rest of my life. The gameplay was simple and fun, yet managed to remain challenging, while at the same time geniusly fusing a rhythm game with a completely different genre. This theme has held true throughout all of their games I have played, and things were no different when I decided to download lilt line.

Available on the WiiShop channel for only 500 points ($5), lilt line puts players to the task of guiding a simple white line through caverns filled with sharp twists and turns by twisting the Wii remote forward or backward. Aside from navigating these environmental perils, you must also tap the button of your choosing to the correct beat. Each of the 15 levels is set to a unique track by dubsep musician 16bit. Miss a beat or hit a wall and you will lose points from your score, and if your score reaches zero it’s game over for you.

lilt line in action.

I would say “that’s the game in a nutshell”, but that’s more than the game in a nutshell – that’s the whole game. The controls and gameplay are simple, but highly effective. The music is fantastic, and the game will challenge you without pushing you into a blood boiling fit of rage. Okay, that last part may not be true (especially when you approach the halfway point in the track listing), but you get the idea. lilt line is the perfect title for any type of gamer to pick up, and would definitely be great for BIT.TRIP fans to play while they await the upcoming BIT.TRIP FLUX.

lilt line

Great music and simple but precise controls, unique combination of a maze racer and a rhythym, affordable price point of only $5Not very robust for a WiiWare game
VerdictIf you're like me, and suddenly realize you have 600 WiiWare points just sitting on your console, you will be a happy camper if you spend 500 of them on lilt line.

  2 Responses to “NanoByte: lilt line | Review (WiiWare)”

  1. Looks simple, but definitley seems fun. I'd like to play the trial version if one is available.

  2. Haha, I'll probably never play it, but that was fun to watch

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