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It’s been over a decade since Sega enthusiasts have enjoyed a “real” Sonic game. There have been plenty of games with Sonic in them: Sonic has done everything from getting sucked into a magical storybook about the Arabian Nights to turning into a werehedgehog. Sonic has even competed in the Olympics with his nemesis, Mario. However, none of these games have captured the pure velocity, the blur of color, and the intense, crippling wave of nausea** I used to feel when I played Sonic as a youngin’. If a little old school Sonic action has been missing from your life, then your prayers have finally been answered. Dr. Eggman is at it again, and this time Sonic must travel to an amusement park in outer space to stop him from enslaving a race of itty bitty aliens known as Wisps.

Sonic Colors for DS plays just like the Sonic games of days gone by. Players will control Sonic as he very quickly runs through levels collecting rings until he hits the finish line. The updated elements in the game come in the form of the aforementioned Wisps – these little aliens act as power-ups for the hedgehog. Some of them are permanent (like the blue Wisp’s Dash ability) and some last only for a few seconds (like the orange Wisp’s Rocket ability). This change will blend seamlessly with the traditional Sonic gameplay elements that players have come to know over the years. The biggest negative mark against this game, aside from the fact it almost made me ralph on myself, is that all of the levels are pretty short. Even with their branching paths, most zones can be finished in under two minutes. Given the fact that each level only has two acts and a boss fight, it is safe to say that unless you’re working for the top rank on each zone, most players could complete this game in an hour or less.

There are times when the action spans both screens in Sonic Colors.

The development group of Sonic Team promised that Sonic Colors for DS would bring us the same break-neck speed fans have been begging for for years, and they definitely delivered. In fact, there are times when the game is playing so quickly that it seems like you aren’t even in control of Sonic. However, some new power-ups, abilities, and a return to standard Sonic gameplay means that this game will quell the cries of the lifelong Sonic fanatics and be a good entry point into the franchise for new players. If only Sonic Team would have included some origami patterns with the game to teach me how to fold the instruction manual into a barf bag, I probably would have spent more time playing it.

Gameplay from Sonic Colors for DS

**I, like scores of other people, suffer from kinetosis, or motion sickness. I’m the one all of those warning screens on games are written for. Games like Sonic in which the action happens very quickly make me feel extremely sick. Go ahead and poke fun, I would if I was you!

Sonic Colors - DS

Return to core Sonic values means players and fans of the original games will finally have a Sonic game they can relate to.This game is so fast I sometimes had no idea what was going on. Also, did I mention it almost made me throw up?
VerdictPick this title up if you've been dying to play a new take on an old school Sonic game.

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  1. Wow, you actually cited your own health issue as a con for the game.

    • Also, your pros and cons contradict each other. Sonic is supposed to be fast. The reason the more recent Sonic games have gotten such low scores is because they took away the speed.

      • Hello Yooseef! Great to see you back on the site! ^_^

        I just wanted to clear up the things you seemed to take issue with. Firstly, the motion sickness thing was meant more of as a comedic device (self-deprecating humor is a hoot) and wasn't actually factored into the score for this game.

        Secondly, I actually did some research before I wrote this review. I know — that's a surprise given the state of video game journalism these days — but it's true. I played both Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 for a speed comparison and Sonic Colors is considerably faster. I was frequently losing track of Sonic in Sonic Colors, but in the classic games he is pretty easy to keep an eye on.

        I agree wholeheartedly that Sonic is supposed to be fast. Unfortunately, he has gone from fast to slow to freakingmaximumwarpscotty.

        I hope that ironed out a few of the wrinkles in this review for you, and look forward to your continued patronage of!

      • The recent Sonic games have low scores for millions of reasons, but speed or lack thereof is definitely not one of them

        • Seriously, the biggest problem with the franchise is that nobody seems to remember how well-devised and clever the level design was in the original games. Sonic wasn't just about being fast, and all this press forward to win crap that has been happening lately in the recent efforts to bring back old school Sonic or whatever is totally missing the point

          • Agreed. Old school Sonic was about speed in select moments to make you say "Wow" but mostly, giant levels with lots of hidden areas. Sonic is a platforming character at heart, he just happens to be a platforming character who can run like hell.

      • I don't know Yooseef – if I had reviewed Sonic Colors myself I would have fussed about the tiny DS screen with action that's way too fast. I play video games on a 42 inch HDTV. Aron plays a lot of DS games and is still fussing about the too fast action. That tells me a lot.

        Reviews should always be a little subjective – otherwise what would be the point of reading any variety of review? You may as well just look at the back of the box and take everything the publishers tell you at face value. Do you buy your games like that? I know I can't afford to do that.

        The smart consumer will read Aron's review and say, "Wow – glad I didn't spend my money on that." Or they'll buy it because it is super fast.

        • To clarify my last point what I meant to say was that gamers will read a review and from that decide if the game is for them. I don't think it's fair to say Aron is wrong because he didn't like how fast the game felt.

          Also – I'm typing this out on my wife's iPad and I can't seem to get enough of using this thing. In fact I don't really ever care about addressing you on this issue per se, I just want to keep using this really awesome virtual keyboard. Seriously have you ever used one of these things? They're pretty dope.

          Honey mustard.

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