Jul 022009

Any of you that talk to me with any regularity lately will know that my job has been a large stressor in my life for the last 2 or 3 months. As it is will all retail chains, sales are down and the preassure is up from the higher-ups (who actually spend very little time in a store to see what business is like on a day-to-day basis).

Tuesday afternoon I was given a few choices by my boss: I could somehow turn my store’s trend around in two weeks (something I have been unable to accomplish in the previous for weeks), I could turn in my resignation, I could wait to be terminated, or I could step down as manager of my store and become a co-manager at a different one.

I chose the later of those options, but mainly because I don’t have anything lined up right now. I was so angry and shocked that I was falling victim to this antiquated business practice that I wanted to slug my boss in the face and hid the road. The store I will be working in is far enough away to nearly double my commute, but I should be making more money since the new store has a higher sales volume and my pay is mostly commission-based. Also, I will have slightly less responsibility, all of which adds up to a pretty strange punishment for bad performance.

I am unhappy about the way this was forced upon me, and the added commute will eat into my precious free time, which I already don’t feel like I get enough of. However, I am grateful that I wasn’t fired because that would have made my situation much, much worse.

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