Jun 012009

I will preface this by saying I am, and always will be, a fan of Sam Raimi’s movies. My opinion may be a little biased, but hey…my blog, my rules. Yay for me.

I went into Drag Me To Hell not knowing much about it except Sam Raimi wrote (along with his brother Ivan) and directed. The trailers I caught didn’t really prepare me for the fact that this film would have some of the over-the-top silliness and grotesqueness that kept me watch Evil Dead over and over and over again. By silliness I am not referring to the slapstick variety as seen in the Scary Movie series, but rather the rarer, nearly deadpan variety that only a master like Sam Raimi can pull off.

Stylistically the movie bears some much-welcomed similarities to the Evil Dead movies such as up-close head shots, weird angles, and music that conjures up images of running through the foggy woods in a cotton night gown. While there are certainly moments that will downright scare the poo out of you, those are usually proceeded or preceeded by a hearty chuckle at a disgusting, putrid gag or a line of well-delivered dialogue.

As far as the storyline goes, it is a vastly different and more complex than Raimi presented to his audiences in 1981. Your ideas of good and evil, right and wrong are challenged a few times. The movie also explores the complexities of relationships, both romantic and within the family, on more than one instance. It is clear that Sam Raimi has brought some of his more “grown-up” storytelling from the Spiderman movies to his latest work.

Overall, it was a great movie that had the entire audience laughing, jumping, yelling, and making gagging noises while they covered their eyes. As the credits rolled, one guy in the front row yelled “FUCK YEAH!” and I would be challenged to sum my feelings up more succinctly. Drag Me To Hell delivered classic Raimi-style campiness while leaving me surprised a few times to boot.

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