May 282009

16 days later, I am just about over my Windows addiction. I only have two small problems:

*My MP3 player, a Samsung YP T10, seems to have a tiny issue when I want to drag and drop files onto it. Sometimes once the file transfer is complete, I try to access the newly added directory my Samsung returns the error “NO FILE!”. The problem seems to be intermittent and often deleting the directory from the Samsung and then re-transferring it solves the problem. Only once did this not remedy the problem on the first try.

I have searched for a fix or workaround to this problem, and while I found many other people experiencing problems with my player in other builds of Linux, none seemed to be an exact match.

*Full-screen video is sketchy at best. Full-screen flash video? Forget it. It turns into a slideshow basically. Windowed video works just fine. I am using the VLC player because of it’s easy interface and non-dependency on codecs to play things like .wma and .wmv files.

I even got PhotoShop CS2 to run with Wine. It was near impossible to run straight off my Windows partition, so I reinstalled it straight into Wine’s emulated C drive and now it’s nearly perfect. The workspace doesn’t expand properly when you maximize it (covers the toolboxes), but you can resize it by hand to go up to the toolboxes’ edges easily.

At this point, I really don’t know what’s stopping me from deleting my Windoze partition and giving that space to Ubuntu. Maybe I just need some time to let go?

Oh, I also ordered some free Ubuntu stickers to re-brand my laptop. They even have little black ones to cover the Windows key’s logo. Can’t wait until they arrive!

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  1. Don’t give up on the switch to Linux. It is definitely worth it – and everything will fall into place as you gain experience.

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