May 112009

I have decided it’s time to step up. If I’m going to talk the copyfight talk, I need to walk the walk.

Yes, I am going to begin transitioning away from the shackles of DRM companies like Microsoft. I am going to partition my laptop’s hard drive and install Ubuntu Linux.

Linux is open, and free. It invites others to make improvements instead of locking its users into broken, virus-laden software. Open source means I don’t have to worry about buying a program that is locked and doesn’t include the key that would let me use my software the way I want to.

I hope I don’t freak out. I am going to leave my Vista installation intact until I have figured everything out, which may be never. Stay tuned for more details, and I hope my notes can be of some help to someone else who wants to free their computer.

You can download Ubuntu here:

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