May 022009

After talking with Deborah I decided I should write a little info on my blog roll, and why these particular blogs made it into the oh-so coveted spot in my sidebar.

Joey/Lissome Lore– This is my partner Joey’s blog. He writes a lot of verse, poetic or otherwise. He has a penchant for exploring dark issues people would rather not talk about.

Audrey Brown/Geeks Have All The Fun– Audrey is a friend of mine from high school, and an expert on geek chic. She blogs about things like pirates, Disneyworld, and movie heroines. She is planning to independently publish her own book later this year.

Deborah/The Now and the Not Yet– Deborah is a blogger chronicling her journey to be come a writer, as well as a fellow Chicagoan. She and I have similar career goals (like maybe getting paid for our work eventually).

marmite lover– Blogger, cook, single mother. Ms. Marmite Lover recounts her experiences in all these things on this blog and another dedicated solely to food.

John Hodgman/The Areas of my Expertise– If you have known me or read my blog for any period of time you know that John Hodgman is absolutely one of my favorite writers and comedic personalities.

Susannah Breslin/Reverse Cowgirl– Susannah blogs about sex, fashion, pornography, music, photography, prostitution, and much more. All of her writing is up front, honest, and witty.

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