Apr 142009

Read articles from pro bloggers about blogging cool blog stuff

Day 6 in the Building a Better Blog challenge was to read articles from professional bloggers and hopefully apply them to your own blog. There were 27 articles in all, and they seemed to be geared at entrepreneurial than mine. Here are highlights from the four more applicable ones.

sethgrodin.typepad.com: Good points here, but a lot were conflicting. E.g “Don’t write about your kids”, then a couple points down he recommends writing about your kids.

skelliewag.org: This article was very insightful about building yourself as a brand, and I think I will use it a lot in building my other blog.

chrisg.com I really sort of had an epiphany about my blog when reading this — definitely the one I think I’ll get the best use out of. It discussed “pillar” content like tutorials and in-depth how-to’s as a way to keep consistent traffic coming to your blog.

entrepreneurs-journey.com: I really liked this one because it gave me hope that I do have knowledge that is valuable to other people, and I could easily produce a good article that will have long-term value and drive readers to my blog.

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