Apr 092009

The assignment for day 2 was to write a post in list form. I have only done this once if memory serves me, and it happens to be one of my more visited posts. So here it is, and in no particular order:

10 People I’m Glad I Follow On Twitter

1. John Hodgman/@hodgman: Author of two of my favorite books, and dead-pan comedian extrodinairre. John’s posts always bring a smile to my face and sometimes contain useful information.

2. Martha Stewart/@marthastewart: Martha makes me think of the type of person I wish I was; one that cooks, and crafts, grows their own vegetables, and has a farm.

3. Brent Spiner/@brentspiner: Aside from the fact that I have been a Trekkie for my entire life that fits in my short memory, Brent’s tweets are so dry and sarcastic, I can’t resist. Speaking of Star Trek…

4. Levar Burton/@levarburton: Another Star Trek tie-in, as well as being one of the more positive-minded people I wish I knew. I’ll say sorry for #5 up front, because it is also about Star Trek!

5. Wil Wheaton/@wilw: I like Wil’s tweets because he is even geekier than I am, he is an author (self-published), and was on Star Trek too.

6. Ms. Marmite Lover/@msmarmitelover: Someone in England, whose political views are unbelievably better more liberal than mine. She is also a single mother, and presumably an excellent cook.

7. Kaylee King/@kayleeking: Works at the Chicago Tribune, and is another very positive person (she gets excited when it rains, but other than that she’s okay…haha), she sends out a lot of links about what’s going on in our city.

8. Deborah/@lilnerdette: A fellow Blogger referred to me by @kayleeking. Our goals with writing and blogging are very similar, and she’s a Chicagoan, so finding her was like a two for one special.

9. Al Gore/@algore: Despite having differing political views, he and I are on the same page as far as environmental concerns go.

10. Audrey Brown/@audreymbrown: An old friend friend from High School, fellow writer, geek, and blogger. Audrey has been essential for keeping me motivated on the career path I am trying to get myself set on.

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  1. I already have blog envy. Thanks for the shout out. I am really not a good blogger, I am finding this out, but that’s ok! This gives me some inspiration to tighten my blog up.Yipes, this is good and concise. I’m really an essayist, I think, man…

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