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>by: Aron Deppert
Power Piggs of the Dark Age is a side-scrolling (though in the first level, most movement seems to be upward) action platformer for the SNES that was released by Titus Software in 1994. The game takes you through one chapter in the eternal struggle of pigs versus wolves. In it, human/pig hybrids battle human/wolf hybrids in a medieval setting. The werewolves are sneaky and get better weapons, so initially you feel like they have the upper hand, but that is only until you discover you can throw donuts at them! The sound in the game was my favorite feature – the music sounded like a 70’s detective TV show (which seemed wildly out of place given the setting), and one maneuver in the game results in your beloved man-pig (werepig?) farting. Yes, even at 27 years old I am still a sucker for a fart joke.

This wolf in princess’s clothing almost tricked me!

In the first stage alone I had to deal with princess werewolves, archer werewolves, knight werewolves, and werewolves that charge on the ground to head butt you. For the most part it was pretty straight-forward platforming. I will admit I did loose a life once to the knight werewolves, who were flying around on gusts of air from geysers down below. It was a delightful death though, because when you die the sprite turns into a ham hock. YUM YUM!

The first boss was a cinch. He was a heavily-armored werewolf that I slashed at with my huge sword until his armor fell off to reveal his pink boxer shorts underneath. The boss was so embarrassed that he quickly tried to scurry off the screen, but it was to no avail. His pink panties offered little protection against my blade!

The second stage was called “West Blow Hole Forest”. The ground is covered with the air geysers that make you fly, and quicksand that sucks away your health half a donut at a time. Most of the action takes place on platforms in the sky or in the midst of the geysers. There are new spikey ball obstacles to deal with and a new werewolf that is toting a pea shooter. His shooter must be loaded with some special peas, because they take away half a donut on the health meter when hit.

Ooo…these holes sure can blow.

Overall this game wasn’t too bad. The music was out of place, but I have a hard time saying anything bad about a game that has fart sound effects, weaponized donuts, and wolves in drag. It’s no wonder a game this quirky and seemingly kid-orientated didn’t gain much attention in its day, but this is a title I could easily see being a $7 WiiWare download or a flash game on Newsgrounds.

Image credits: me, en.wikipedia.org

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  1. >haha. My last name is Pigg. I want to buy this game because of this. 😀

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