Dec 112008

First off, let me say: I hate Christmas.

That’s not really fair. I don’t hate Christmas. I hate what it does to people, but that’s a whole entry on its own I will likely explore next week. Now what I really do hate is the movie that comes out every year, about this misadventures of a dysfunctional family (or families this year) during the week or weeks leading up to Christmas.

There are two main problems I have with these movies. The first is that almost all the ideas current family Christmas movies use were borrowed in some shape or form from the best Christmas movie of all time, National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. It has it all: dysfunctional, rude, and crazy family members, pets experiencing a mishap, rude neighbors. These scenarios all quickly became a staple of this genre of film and get regurgitated and recycled year after year until the movies have become so predictable they’re not even entertaining anymore (except in their original context).

My second problem is the zany family members are now too zany. Movie writers and directors should know people cant suspend their disbelief to the degree that is being expected in these films. The level of insanity being depicted should land all of these characters in an insane asylum, with the exception of the one or two sane people that just want everyone to settle down and have a nice holiday with their nut bag families. I personally think instead of rehashing the greatness of the Griswalds in poorer forms every year, theaters should just replay National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. They’d surely rake in the cash, and maybe could send a little my way as a “thank you” for the great idea.

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  1. Agree, agree, agree! Keen insights about writers completely leaving the bounds of the believable. That can be SO annoying!

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