Dec 012008

Less than one year after moving to Chicago, Joey and I got rid of our car. We tease and say it was to decrease our carbon footprint, but in fact the car was just too expensive to keep it full of gas, pay the insurance, pay for parking permits, repairs, oil changes, etc. Since that time we have come to rely on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) for our transportation, and I would say, for the most part, I do not regret giving up our car.

I can deal with the buses that are usually late. I can deal with crazy bums asking me for money. I can deal with the strange smells (oh, the SMELLS). What I can’t deal with is being jipped out of my hard-earned money. I usually pay with a transit card, which is $20 and good for seven days of unlimited rides. The first time you put your card into the reader on the fare box, the time and date of first use are coded onto the card and printed on the back. A few weeks ago, I was starting a fresh card around 8:30 AM and when I looked at the timestamp on the back of the card, it was 7:15 AM. This may not seem like a big deal, but the way it worked out I ended up having to start my new card an entire day early. That means I got ripped off for nearly $3.

This has happened two or three more times, and never has it worked in my favor. For a company and industry that is so reliant on time and being punctual, I would think they would want to make sure all their clocks are set correctly. Call me a petty jerk, but if it happens again I may have to complain to someone besides the internet.

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