Oct 242008

On the 22nd, Joey and I went to see “Changling” starring Angelina Jolie. Not usually the kind of movie I’d go see, but I like Angelina and Joey won tickets to see the advance screening.No big surprise, Joey wasn’t ready at the designated meeting time. “I forgot to give myself time to walk to the bus,” he said. Call me silly, but I think that might be a pretty important variable to factor in.Our next stop was our favorite pizza place Carmen’s. They make this really deep dish pizza that has approximately 25 pounds of cheese on it. It takes over 45 minutes to cook and we didn’t really have that much time, so I called the restaurant to see if we could place our order before we got there. They accommodated us thankfully. We arrived there on time, despite Joey’s lateness, and the pizza was great. When I was at the register settling up our check, I noticed a little surprise: they charged me $1.50 to pre-order our pizza. That is probably the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I got charged for not wasting space in their business, essentially. If anything, I should’ve gotten a discount!All sneaky fees paid, and outrage tucked deep, deep, deep inside my soul where it belongs, we boarded the train and headed downtown. We found the theater pretty easily, and made our way inside so we could wait in line for an hour. In front of us in line, two rather pudgy girls did some sort of Riverdance clogging that looked like it had been choreographed for overweight and uncoordinated people. Eventually, we were allowed into the theater. It was very hot inside, and the seats and aisles were very narrow (the theater is a 4-screen Lowes theater in Old Town if any Chicagoians wish to avoid it). My idea of comfort! As soon as all 300 people were seated I scampered out to the lobby to pick up my $5, 32 ounce drink.The movie started late. The representative from Universal told us a bit about the movie (which she pronounced with a hard G, like in “bang”) and then the show started. The movie was very good, which surprised me because Clint Eastwood isn’t one of my favorite people in Hollywood. It was styled to have a kind of vintage feel, without looking too dated. The story was very interesting. For those of you who don’t know, it is about a woman (Angelina) whose child is abducted, and then five months later the police return the wrong boy to her and try to convince her it’s her son. So overall it was a good night, with a good movie made even better by the fact it was free and we were seeing it a week early.

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  1. I’m so ridiculously jealous. I think Eastwood makes one hell of a director. I loved Mystic River.

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