Oct 172008

Here’s a brief transcription of an exchange between a customer and me today.Customer: “You have this on number 7?”Me: “No, I’m sorry. That’s our smallest size and it’s an 8.”Customer: “Do you have this on pink?”Me: “No, I’m sorry. It’s only available in white.”Customer: “Maybe you have this on number 7 point 5?”Me: “No, 8 is still the smallest.”Customer: “Do you have pink on number 7 or 7 point 5?”Me: “No, we still don’t have them in pink at all. Let alone a 7 or 7 and a half.”At this point she frowned at me and walked around the store for a minute before returning to the shoe that had got her attention earlier.Customer: “You have this on number 7? 8 too big.”Me “If you had asked me a minute ago you could’ve bought them, but I just sold the 7. Sorry.”Customer “How ‘bout pink?”At that point I began to feel like I might be on Candid Camera so I quit acknowledging her before I said something embarrassing. Now, you should probably know that English was not this woman’s strong suit, but she spoke it well enough to ask me the same question a gillion times. Why couldn’t she take the time to listen to my words, process them, and register the information I was telling her. That level of rudeness is almost too much for me to handle.

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  1. You should have asked her if you were on Candid Camera. When she asked what you were talking about you could have gone into a whole explanation about the television show and explained that this would be a perfect gag. To have a woman who barely speaks English, come into your work place, and ask you the same frustrating question a billion times in a row.

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