Oct 032008

I realize that the goal with technology is to make devices smaller, but I really think Bluetooth ear pieces should be made BIGGER. The newest ones are so small they are hardly noticeable even when the person using it has that side of their body facing you. This causes one big problem: you can’t tell who is talking on the phone, and who is nuts.

I also think it would be a good idea for people with long hair to tuck their hair behind their Bluetooth ear, or pin it back if they know they are going to be on the phone a lot that day. Having a long piece of hair conceal your ear piece also makes you look like a nutter. Same for people with hoods on! Pull it back when you’re on the phone so you don’t look like you are suffering from schizophrenia.

Really, I don’t understand the use of these devices outside cars or homes anyway. What is the point of using a HANDSFREE device if your hands don’t have anything to do besides hold your phone? You won’t catch me out and about with one of these monstrosities in my ear. Until Versace makes cell phone accessories, that’s one fashion statement I won’t be making.

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