Oct 032008

My old pal from high school, Audrey, wrote a good set of steps for guys who want to begin a romantic relationship with a girl geek. I decided to write a sort of addendum to her article, which includes six “Don’ts” for dating a gay geek — which is almost as rare as a girl one.

1. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Much like a Gremlin, it takes us a little while to come out of our pods, but you’ll be glad you waited.

2. Don’t act surprised if the gay geek you’re crushing on doesn’t act very gay. With Lieutenant Commander Worf as a role model, our level of “butchdom” may be higher than you’re accustomed to.

3. Don’t act surprised if your gay geek is a closeted Liza fan.

4. Don’t pretend to share interests with your gay geek. We’re really not that interested in Babylon 5 reruns, so our feelings won’t get hurt if you change the channel.

5. Don’t get mad when you gay geek blows his whole paycheck on a new phone/PDA/laptop/video game system. Rest assured that he really, really needed it.

6. Don’t get your feelings hurt if your gay geek doesn’t talk to you while playing video games, or reading the latest William Shatner book. Social interaction may not be our strong suit, but we probably practice “infinite diversity, in infinite combinations” so we will adapt…eventually.

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