Oct 022008

I didn’t write anything about day 4 because it was just like all the others, except I had lost 5 pounds! Whoa!

Today after my test I was pleased to see I had kept the same weight. And my Wii Fit age was only 28! Seems like I’m making some improvements.

Today I skipped strength training so I could do more aerobics. I think this worked out well, since usually my muscles are too tired to get anything done on aerobics and balance training. I think I will begin alternating strength training.

How I Feel: Physically I don’t notice much difference. Today I am not as sore but probably because I skipped my strength training. I am pleased to have kept the same weight for two days in a row, and that my Wii Fit age hasn’t been over 30 in a couple days.

Emotionally I am simply thrilled that I have exercised every day for 5 days..that is unheard of for me. I am, however, getting very sick of the yoga instructor’s one-liner’s. She only has like 5 lines while workouts are taking place and they are beginning to grate on my nerves!

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